Unit Journal

Introduction to Photoshop/Creating a Word press


  • A graphical display of the tonal qualities of a photograph
  • Digital light meter for your camera
  • To get a continuous tone from black to white 255 shades of grey are required to “fool they eye” that there is an infinite amount of shades of grey within the image
  • Black = 0, White = 255, Middle Grey = 128
  • Black = left side of histogram, white = right side
  • 0 = shadow detail, 255 = highlight detail, 128 = mid tonal values
  • No clipping on either side of the histogram= properly exposed image. Spike on either side will represent a lack of detail

Good, clear video which reiterates the points discussed in class.

Word press: Only using Tumblr before, I wasn’t used to certain aspects of using word press, however found some similarities such as following users, reblogging posts, choosing themes, creating posts etc. I generally just found my way around word press and noted and experimented with the differences such as pages, widgets, etc. I considered using Tumblr as my blog for ACM202 as I found it an easier blog to use, however decided to use word press as I decided it would be beneficial to be able to experiment with various other blogging websites.

This website noted some good differences between tumblr and word press and explained which would be better for what uses.


Loved the History of Imaging “(sorry about the hipsters)” video and the range of old photographs they showed. In various other Art units I had been taught the various old techniques such as the camera obscura, in quite a lot of detail, so it was good refreshing this idea, but not going into too detailed information/history etc.

Raw Images

I understood from the first unit that we were required to shoot in RAW, rather than jpeg, generally for higher quality images, but we discussed more in detail why shooting in RAW is much more beneficial, such going back to the image and being able to edit things such as white balance and the exposure, and the programs to use to edit/convert RAW file images. Being instructed to use camera RAW as one of the processing programs for Assignment 1 this video gave a good and quick overview of the tools in camera RAW and the differences of the RAW file image vs. a jpeg image as the final product.

A really helpful video which also discusses the negative effects of using jpeg files such as the fact that different coloured lighting that can be added to jpeg files (which related to the inside out assignment)

HDR imaging:

Experimented with both techniques in class for the inside out assignment, and although I found it quite a lengthy process, I preferred the result of the blending layers via layer masks compared to simply merging the photos from bridge to photo shop pro, as it looked more realistic, which is the look I aimed for in my own image and final result. The tutorial in class was simple and easy to follow.

Photography and architecture:

Charles Rice, Carter and Alison’s own work, were interesting comparisons and gave insight to various philosophies and theories on photographing interiors, and gave an interesting perspective on what could be done for the assignment.

Managing colour/Printing:

The printing at first was difficult to get my head around, as we were now required to do it ourselves on campus, rather than going somewhere else or having someone do it for us. Understanding the pixels, which type of image was required for printing vs. web images, sizing of the print was overwhelming at first, but became easier using resources provided, especially the step by step printing guide word document.

Web culture:

Probably my favorite aspect of the unit. Inspirational videos/images:


“Where the hell is Matt?” : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pwe-pA6TaZk, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pwe-pA6TaZk

Understanding web 2.0:

List of websites which helped me understand the popular “everyday” type visited websites that were considered “web 2.0 websites”:



My own website, “online identity”

As I was going overseas I wanted to do a travel blog but discussed with Alison how I could “take it further” than just images & “this is what I did today..” type blog. I looked at a few travel blogs and liked how some included images of panoramas, so I wanted to experiment with that, however I waited until I was actually in Morocco to work out how to link the images together and have a theme.

Cats on the internet are huge, and Alison informed me about the amount of seriously written essays about the popularity of them and why and how they became so popular.

This is a perfect video which explains the websites, “chain emails” (aka bonsai kittens), etc. that made the “internet full of cats”

Really good article asks and explains various reasons why the “internet loves cats” such as discussing funny “memes” and the websites dedicated to them, “cats vs. dogs”, the “personifying” of cats and the relation to human emotion and simply, “kittehs are cute!”

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