If I were a gif

It’d probably be something like a real life “Debbie”, played by actress Cara Hartmann, who became a youtube sensation. She received over 18 million views, in 2011, for her love of cats in an “eHarmony dating video”. How do I know this oh-so-valuable information? www.http://knowyourmeme.com/ – a huge database and hilarious website full of videos, memes, gifs etc. that have become sensations through the web.

“Trending” images and videos keep one up to date on what the latest popular videos/memes/images are, however the search is a useful tool to discretely find those jokes you’re seemingly missing out on (yes, I used it to search “nek minnit” after it constantly being used in everyone’s grand final statues/tweets).

The profile information of each video/meme/image is extensive, including sections; About, Origin, Spread, Notable Derivations, a graph of Search Interest, External References, Recent Videos and Recent Images, relating to the particular search interest.

The entire website is hilariously interesting, as is their discussion at the web 2.0 expo on web culture.

web 2.0: know your meme