At first, whilst in Morocco, I felt the treatment of animals on a whole was “bad”, but in reality, my whole perception of the situation, was being influenced by what I was used to back home. We’re generally not used to animals being used as transportation of products and people, nor vast amounts of “unowned” animals roaming the streets. But just because Morocco is different in their treatment of animals, does not necessarily mean it’s a negative thing. I also learned that whilst many tourists understandably consider the cats in the streets “strays” many shop owners/families have a cat that will spend time at their houses/shops and receive their left overs. Also being strict Muslims, the people of Morocco are required to prey 5 times a day, washing themselves down before-hand, in which is called “Wuhu”. Touching “impure” things can break their Wudu, requiring them to undertake the process again. Talking to a local who has lived in Morocco his whole life informed us that whilst touching a dog would break their Wudu, touching a cat however, would not. He explained that this is because their culture fully respects the surrounding cats, “They (cats) are not naajis (impure), rather they are among those who go around among you (al-tawwaafeena ‘alaykum).”

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