Cats of Morocco

The street cats of Morocco are abundant, and I chose to use them as my subject in their natural surroundings, to depict how different (and sometimes a like) the interactions between the animals and humans/environments are here, compared to Australia. In some instances, here the cats are treated like pets by store/restaurant owners who leave out left over food/water, which creates a huge contrast to Australia where cats are not socially accepted at all, so close to food, due to health concerns. In some cases the cats are just treated like nuisances to the locals, and I have witnessed people kicking them out of their way with no concern for their poor health and fragility. Most often the cats are just looking for a quiet place out of the sun to rest, or for food.

I began looking at blogs of photographers, and artists pages, who have had a similar interest of stray cats as their photography subjects, and came across Dennis Low’s (or D Jun-Yu Low) blog; (View images here )

Other blogs/photographers:

All of these blogs, and Dennis Low’s images were quite inspirational, however I wanted to experiment more with showing the environmental and human surroundings of these cats, within my own images. I wanted to show the clear contrast of the treatment/environments of these animals that I have never seen before within Australia, or any other country I have visited before. I have experimented with panorama images to document these surroundings and find that it gives a more interesting and larger perspective of the surrounding environments and people, as well as documenting particular cats with RAW file images.

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